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  • IHE is pronounced Eehay, and is derived from the Igbo language of Nigeria meanings Light. IHE signifies the absence of darkness, or enlightenment, knowledge, wisdom, intelligence and spiritual purity. We chose IHE to symbolize the role of science in dispelling myths, superstition and irrationality. During the 17th century, scientific discoveries, such as Newton's Laws of motion, brought Europe out of the "Dark Ages" into the "Age of Reason" and "Enlightenment." Since that time, advances in the sciences have led to progress in all areas of human endeavor including industry, health, the environment, travel, communications, agriculture and economics, and our quality of life has improved greatly. We hope that IHE will continue to highlight our commitment to scientific inquiry at Lincoln University.

  • IHE, Lincoln University's Journal of Science is published bi-annually. The journal is aimed at providing opportunities for scientists and Lincoln's faculty and students to publish original research papers, reviews and opinions in all areas of science. Abstracts of students' posters, reports of science conferences and news highlights from the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics will also be published in the journal.
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  • IHE, Lincoln University's Journal of Science, Volume 2 is our current Issue providing faculty and student research publications, from checking the effectiveness of soaps and mouthwashes to creating solutions for complex physics and mathematical problems as well as strategies to drought issues for farmers in Nigeria plus much more.