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Nursing program

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Nursing Program Simulation Lab Ready for New Recruits!

Dr. Renford Brevett, Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Assessment at the Simulation Laboratory which houses five adult and two baby manikins.

Lincoln University is planning for a Nursing Program

Lincoln University is planning to establish a Nursing Program in the near future. This desire is justified by the large number of in-coming and prospective students who have shown interest in the program. Specifically, we receive about fifty inquiries on Nursing from prospective students. Also, the establishment of a Nursing program will greatly enhance Lincoln University’s effort to contribute to improvement of health disparities by increasing the number of minorities in health professions.


In preparation for the Nursing program, Lincoln University has equipped a simulation laboratory. An application to commence a Nursing program will be submitted to the Pennsylvania Nursing Council in 2011. We will continue to provide updates on the progress of this plan.


Robert Reedy training Lincoln students for Nursing Anne

On November 4th and 15th of 2010, Laerdal’s friendly trainers, Robert Reedy and Regina Arnold, visited Lincoln University’s simulation lab to show and amaze our staff and students of what their products are capable of. A couple of students as well as staff, plus Dean Chikwem were in attendance to get some training on how to work with the Laerdol mannequins and software for Lincoln’s upcoming Nursing Program.

Robert Reedy started off with a brief overview and description of each mannequin, giving very descriptive uses and the importance of simulated training first before going straight to the hospital and witnessing some traumatic injuries for the first time. He also gave some helpful websites and references we could use to help us in building our nursing program to the best of our abilities from the start.

On behalf of Lincoln University, we would like to thank Robert Reedy for being so helpful in purchasing their products and helping setup our Nursing Program.

Reedy then left the rest of the more intensive and step by step training for each mannequin for Regina Arnold, which made the training even more fun and exciting than Reedy had started with. The students and staff as well as the dean, were all hands on with each mannequin and learned of how realistic we can make the simulation training to be for the Nursing Program.

Mrs. Arnold gave Linocln great tips, resources and promised to continue to help us as much as possible in building our nursing program. She even went to great depth in traing the staff on how to program as scenario, an asthma attack, for the Sim Man and Sim Baby, for us to start early on creating even more scenerios than we have for our incoming Nursing Students.