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2010 Science Fair

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15th annual Science Fair on October 16th, 2010

15th Annual Science Fair and Poster Presentation

The 15th Annual Science Fair and Poster presentation of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics took place on the 16th of October 2010 in the Science Building. The Science Fair which was opened by President Ivory Nelson featured thirty four posters in six categories. Prizes were awarded in each category as follows:

Category A: Cell and Molecular Biology

1st Place: Ms. Wachen Peters: “Low dose methylprednisolone prophylaxis to reduce inflammation during one lung ventilation.”

2nd Place: Ms. Stephanie Rand: “NK cell activation in the presence of Ofatumumab.”

3rd Place: Mr. Terrell Myers: “Role of MYH9 polymorphisms on renal transplant function.”

Honorable mention: Ms. Teresa Akede: “The efficiency of BCG with the addition of anti-IL-10 receptor 1 antibody in Th1 immune induction.”

Category B: Cancer Biology: Prevention and Treatment

1st Place: Ms. Katherine Foster: MRP7 as a Drug Resistance Factor For Breast Cancer”

2nd Place: Mr. Stephen C. Sangster: “BCL2 Determines the Efficacy with which the Second Generation Proteasome Inhibitor MLN9708 Kills B-Lymphoma Cells.”

3rd Place: Ms. Danielle McKnight: “Enhancement of Breast Cancer Stem Cell Killing Using Agents that Induce Oxidative Stress.”

Honorable mention: Ms. Jhoneil Cooper: Controlling Prostate Cancer Cell Colony Formation with Next Generation Antiandrogens.”

Category C: Cancer Biology: Diagnosis

1st Place: Ms. Odinaka C. Anyanwu: “The Role of the microRNA Endonuclease Dicer in Sea Urchin Embryology.”

2nd Place: Ms. Nakita Brown: “Inhibition of Rac1 Enhances Response to Erlotinib in Human Head and Neck Cancer Cells.”

3rd Place: Ms. Nikoia L. Fredericksen: “Protein expression variability of carbonyl reductase 1: primary enzyme responsible for the conversion of NNK to NNAL.”

Honorable mention: Ms. Kaylene Baugh: “Clinical and Laboratory Aspects of a Phase II Clinical Trial of a Prostate Cancer Vaccine and Shadowing experience in the Field of Urology.”

Category D: Population and Social Sciences

1st Place: Ms. Diahann Marshall: “Bridging the Gaps: Breast Cancer Navigation Pilot Program. A quantitative study of the Patient Navigation Pilot Program.”

2nd Place: Mr. Ndubisi M. Chikwem: “Biomarker Analysis for Early Signs of Cancer Treatment Response.”

3rd Place: Ms. Stacy-ann Wright: “Building a Study to Assess Anxiety and Depression in Cancer Patients.”

Category E: Environmental Science & General Biology

1st Place: Ms. Jolie Wax: “rRNA Gene Copy Number of Marine Bacteria Utilizing Different Substrates.”

2nd Place: Ms. Keonie Morrisey: “Detection of Proteins Essential for the Targeting of PDLP5 to Plasmodesmata.”

3rd Place: Mr. Michal Williams: “The effects of temperature on Capitella teleta body size and population cycles.”

Honorable mention: Ms. Sha-Phawn Williams: “Impact of xenobiotics on plants and underground beneficial microbial association.”

Category F: Physical Sciences

1st Place: Christine Holt: “Spectroscopic Characterization of Radical SAM Dehydrogenases by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.”

2nd Place: Ms. Norrisca Charles: “Alternative Fuels: Metal Hexahydrate Catalysis of Ammonia Borane Hydrolysis.”

3rd Place: Mr. Jamal Brown: “Cognitive Implications of Virtual Locomotion.”

Honorable mention: Ms. Evelyn Stevens: “Chemical Immobilization of an Enzyme by Plasma Deposition.”

The Science fair also honored Ms. Janis Walker, the former Grantsmanship Officer who retired on the 30th of September, 2010. Ms. Walker was honored for her outstanding services to the university, the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and her generous contributions and support for the Science fair since its inception.

The Science Fair committee is grateful for the support of President Nelson, the Deans, faculty and the entire Lincoln University community.

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